Power of Positive Aerobics With Life Changing Affirmations

Empower Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, Energize Your Spirit

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Empower Your Mind,  Strengthen Your Body, Energize Your Spirit

This workout is unique because it combines core value affirmations with cardio exercises.  As you move, you will be making positive statements like "I am  successful" and "I am free" that retrain your subconscious mind and your body.  The result?  You can live your life in a fit body, calm mind, and energized spirit.  Your new attitudes and beliefs are aligned with your true nature so you feel good naturally.  Aerobic exercises are the best for maintaining a healthy weight.

The 2017 University of Minnesota research study found this technique reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being.

Pat Huss Sheveland says, "I just finished your DVD workout and I did the easier one... Sweating my you know what off! I LOVED it! What a great idea adding affirmations to an exercise routine! The routine is great for all fitness levels too."

This 18 or 30 minute video has three different workout levels making it suitable for all fitness abilities.

  • An easy-to-learn, low impact option allows beginners to achieve instant success.
  • Experienced exercisers can do the high impact option or use weight resistance movements to challenge their physical limits.
  • All levels include the spoken affirmations

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Starring Ellie Peterson Connie Nicholas Kathy Posus
Written by Ellie Peterson 

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